The CTTC Health Publishing Website


This is a 10% website.

I will explain this statement very shortly. But first…

CTTC’s mission is to cut through the never-ending flood of BS and confusion in the health, fitness, fat-loss, and nutrition worlds to provide you with honest, practical information and the simple solutions you need to achieve your health and fitness goals.

No absurd hyping, trendy fads, quick-fixes, gimmicks, or miracle claims…just good science and practical, experience-based information which will effectively and efficiently produce the results you desire…using strategies that you can easily fit into your lifestyle.

So, if you are looking for someone who is knowledgeable, qualified, experienced, and competent, then you have come to the right place.

If you are looking for someone who is going to tell you the truth…no matter how unpleasant or painful that truth may be…then you are also in the right place.

This website and the information contained herein has been designed for the 10% of people who are truly interested in their health, and who are prepared to actually do something to keep and/or improve their health. And I want to make this information available to this group of people at an affordable price.

Why can I offer this valuable information at these prices? I can because I don’t do this for my living. I have a very successful career completely unrelated to health and fitness. Health and fitness has just always been a passion of mine as you can read about in Who Am I?


Quality Exercise/Nutrition/Fat Loss programs should do all of the following…and continue to do so:

  • Increase your lean body mass (muscle)…or maintain it at a level at which you are personally satisfied.
  • Decrease your body fat…or maintain it at a level at which you are healthy and personally satisfied.
  • Improve your cardiovascular condition…or maintain it at a level where you remain completely functional.
  • Increase your strength…or maintain it at a level where you remain completely functional.
  • Improve your flexibility…or maintain it at a level where you remain completely mobile.
  • Increase your energy levels…or maintain them at levels at which you can function optimally.
  • Enhance your health…and keep you as healthy as possible…long-term.
  • Strengthen your immune system…and keep it strong.
  • Improve your quality of life.

If they do not do all these things…and continue doing them…they are not Quality Programs.


Health and fitness mean different things to different people. Everything in these CTTC reports and in the book…Cut Thru The Crap of Exercise and Fat-Loss Nutrition…is presented at optimal levels. From there you can choose the level that suits your personal situation. You can be absolutely fanatic about your fitness, nutrition, and health…or you can tone it down to lower levels…whatever you choose to do. I always leave the choice up to you! That way, everyone can benefit from the information.

Health and fitness have made enormous strides in the past 25 years. Before the internet, it was difficult to find good information. You had to find and read what few books and magazines there were on the subjects. But there was one great advantage to the information in those days. We did not have hundreds of unscrupulous “internet and TV experts” who were all trying to sell us overpriced…and usually worthless…programs and products.

Now there is so much stuff floating around out there…both good and bad…that it is impossible for people who are not highly knowledgeable about health, fitness, and nutrition to make intelligent choices.

You all know what I am talking about here.

$120 – $330 home exercise programs which basically ‘teach you’ how to jump up and down, run in place, and do basic calisthenics in strange positions…or exercise books/DVDs promising a bunch of additional gifts such as…a FREE nutrition guide ( Value: $49.95), FREE Quick-Start Guide (Value: $29.95), FREE recipe book (Value: $39.95), FREE Workout Journal (Value: $19.95), etc, etc…a $139.80 value…but all FREE if you buy “THE BOOK” or “The DVDs” for the special price of only $79.95. But this offer is only good today…so don’t wait…ORDER NOW…and you scroll down…ORDER NOW…and you scroll down…!!!

However, all this information should already be in the book or DVDs, and they should not be anywhere near that expensive either.

A ‘Workout Journal’ worth $19.95!!! Give me a break!!! The fact that, often, “If you order now, you will receive a second (miracle whatever) absolutely free!”…should tell you what the product is really worth.

Their claims are convincingly backed up with ‘scientists’ or ‘doctors’ in white lab coats and dozens of before & after photos (can you say ‘photo-shop’) and, sometimes, even photos from people who don’t know that their photos are being used. Occasionally they will also have a celebrity who endorses their product…completely free of charge, of course, because they personally believe so much in the product!!! Sure they do!!!

Why do they do this? Money, of course. These people are doing this for a living. It is their full-time job, so they have to hard-sell their products…every day, just like 2nd hand car salesmen…and they have to sell them to ‘the masses’, i.e., the 90% of the people who are susceptible to this type of advertising.

And when the sales of this ‘magic program’ start to slow down…SHAZAAM…there is a new, improved ‘magic program’ which works even better and faster than the last ‘magic program’. Does this sound familiar?

Now…do these programs work? Some do…some not so much…and some not at all. Of the ones that do work, most are very inefficient…which means that you will not be able to continue them long-term…just like you can’t constantly stay on some trendy diet long-term.

You want to lose weight? That’s easy. Just start running long distances every day…and don’t eat very much. You will lose weight…guaranteed. Now keep this up for the next 10, 20, 30 years. Oops! You need programs which you can and will continue to do…programs which become a part of your healthy lifestyle, just like brushing your teeth and bathing are…I hope!!!

And you need programs which will enable you to lose excess body fat…not just ‘weight’. And yes, there is a BIG difference.

And that is why this is a 10% website and I am a 10% trainer/coach, and why the title of my book is Cut Thru The Crap of Exercise and Fat-Loss Nutrition.

Unfortunately, one thing that I have learned during my 50+ years of trying to help people become more healthy (all aspects of health) is that some people cannot be helped. They refuse to accept facts and continue to search for ‘miracles’. They will instantly accept some bizarre item about health, fitness, or nutrition from a newspaper, magazine, Facebook, YouTube, or some other non-trustworthy media but will reject well-designed scientific research or advice from someone who is not only highly educated in the subject but also has decades of experience in the field. The information in this website is not for them.

As examples, only 10% of people who ‘try’ to lose excess body-fat succeed and only 10% of people who begin a fitness program realize results commensurate with the amount of work that they put in. In fact, within only 6 months after people have joined gyms and fitness clubs with a New Year’s resolution to ‘get healthy’, ‘lose weight’, ‘get fit’, etc…more than 50% of them have already quit.

Why is that? Well, the answer is threefold.

First…they were doing what the 90% of unsuccessful exercisers and dieters are doing instead of what the 10% of successful exercisers and nutrition planners do…in other words, the programs they were following were not effective so they realized disappointing results from all the time and hard work they put in.

Second…the programs they began were not sustainable long-term…in other words, they were not efficient.

Third…they were exercising towards the wrong goals. Unless you are a competing athlete, your only goals to exercise should be to increase your health and to gain a better quality of life. If you do that, everything else will fall into place.

Example: How many people do you know who are exercising to “lose weight”? WRONG, because…


 If you take care of your HEALTH…the FAT will take care of itself.


By this I mean that losing excess body-fat, shaping your body, and building your health are all done using basically the same tools.

The type of exercise, the kind of cardio/aerobics, and what you eat are basically the same for all 3 of these goals.

There are no ‘miracle exercises’ or ‘super foods’ hiding somewhere out there. If there were, I certainly would have found them after all my decades of study and personal experience. But I haven’t!!!

The Newest Hype

I love the names they make-up too. “Tribal Dance Yoga”, “BUTI Fitness”, “Kinetic” Cycling, “WERQ Workouts”, “Full-Blast Yoga”, “The Hollywood Stars Workout”, “The (name your favorite type of dance) Workout”, “The Caveman Workout”, “Speed Yoga”, “The Barre Brawl Workout”, etc, etc. These names have no real meaning and, in fact, some are just completely ridiculous.They are only there to grab your attention.

“Speed Yoga”??? Give me a break. I was a yoga teacher in the past and I can assure you that Speed Yoga is a completely made up concept that does not exist in reality. Or how about Karaoke Yoga?

Take “Functional Fitness” too. That’s a pretty vague term that is being thrown around a lot lately. Do you know what real functional fitness is? My definition of Real Functional Fitness is anything which leads you effectively and efficiently to your fitness goals. If it doesn’t do this, how can it be ‘functional’?

If your fitness goal is being able to swing heavy ropes around really well, then Rope Training is definitely functional training for you. Otherwise it is just another ineffective, inefficient something to do in the gym because 90% of the other people are doing it…and because it’s the latest fad workout. But it makes you really tired…so it must be good, right? Well, if your exercise goal is just ‘to get really tired’, then lots of ‘exercise programs’ will do that for you.

Or how about all the boxing/kickboxing ‘exercises’ you see on all those ‘weight loss’ TV shows. Functional…absolutely…if your goal is to become a boxer or kickboxer.

So why do they do it? They do it because Real Functional Fitness…which is effective and efficientis too boring for a TV show. In order to make the show interesting, they have to have the ‘contestants’ do crazy stuff that will almost give them heart attacks.

Sure…these people are really going to make ‘turning over tractor tires’ part of their normal fitness programs after the “weight-loss show is finished. And I am never going to eat ice cream or drink a beer again either!!! I’m not going to bet money on either one of those.

Remember the successful 10%ers? They don’t fall for hype like this.


You also always hear about how to motivate yourself. Do you know what will truly motivate you? Measurable Results are the absolute best motivators of all. If you feel that your clothes are a little looser, or your waist measures a couple of inches smaller, or (guys) your biceps are an inch bigger, you are not going to skip your workout today…and you will say no to that cookie or whatever too…because you can really see that you are on your way to achieving your goals.

Measurable Results are the true motivators…a thousand times more than a photo on your refrigerator or someone yelling at you!

People who are not achieving measurable results from their current exercise and/or nutrition programs are the ones who keep changing programs and jumping at the latest exercise or diet fads in the hope thatthis will finally be the one that works for me. Well…good luck with that.

So, if you want to leave the 90% behind and become one of the successful 10%, you are definitely in the right place. The information in these CTTC reports will teach you everything you need to know to get and stay healthy (and lean)in an effective, efficient, safe, and timely manner…and they are extremely affordable too!!!

Achieving results is one thing…maintaining those results long-term is a different ball game…and not knowing how to efficiently maintain your hard-earned results is the main reason exercisers relapse.

These reports will teach you how to maintain your results with the least amount of time and exercise necessary (another ‘secret’ of the 10%). Most exercisers are working hard…but only 10% are working SMART!!!

Ordering the complete CTTC book is, however, much more affordable than buying a few CTTC reports…and you will have all the information at hand, all at once.



These CTTC reports are brutally honest guides to creating stronger, shapelier, and healthier bodies…in the shortest amount of time…and with the least amount of exercise and nutritional changes possible.

And, once again, I can be brutally honest with you because I do not make my living doing this, so  I have no reason to lie or to use hype. If I were trying to make lots of money, I would have written programs for the 90%ers…not the 10%ers!

My hope is that these CTTC reports will not only motivate you to use Quality Exercise and Quality Nutrition to enhance your health and improve your body, but also inspire you to better your “self” in other ways as well.


These reports can not only put you in control of your health and your body…

they could also put you in control of your life.


 I have never been able to understand why people who would never
accept living in a house that is broken down and falling apart,
allow their spirits and minds to live in one. – R.E. Dickson



You will find these CTTC reports to be much different from your normal, run-of-the-mill health, nutrition, and exercise publications. I sincerely hope that the way I present the information in these CTTC reports will open peoples’ minds to what they are actually doing…or at least shock them into thinking about what they are actually doing.

If these reports can convince only a few people to stop blindly following advice, and to begin thinking and analyzing what they are actually doing, then I will have done the job I set out to do. These readers will then become stronger, healthier, and more successful in all aspects of their daily lives…with more attractive bodies as a ‘side effect’!


One of the things that makes these reports different is the way that I use words. Words are very powerful. They cause actual physiological changes in both our bodies and our minds. For this reason, I do not sugar-coat my words, my opinions, or my advice. If I happen to offend your sensibilities in the process, that’s OK too. At least I will have gotten some kind of reaction out of you.


I introduce several personal definitions in these reports which I feel are necessary to eliminate the confusion caused by years of incorrect interpretation of certain words related to the fields of exercise, nutrition, and health. I do this because one of the main purposes of these reports (and the CTTC book) is to make you think about what you are hearing, reading, believing and doing when it comes to exercise, nutrition, excess body, fat and your health.

Tell the Truth

When talking to yourself, it is extremely important to always tell the truth. Don’t hide the truth behind nicer sounding words. That is lying to yourself and it will only hurt you in the long run.

If you can’t even bring yourself to call a problem by its real name, you certainly won’t be able to bring yourself to seriously do anything about it. Nobody wants to just lose ‘weight’. What they really mean is that they want to lose excess body-fat…and successfully losing excess body-fat is done in a much different way than just losing ‘weight’.

Your health cannot be taken for granted either. You have it and then…whoosh…all of a sudden it’s gone and you are left asking, “How did this ever happen to me?”

Regaining your health is much more difficult than just losing excess body fat. But losing excess body-fat and building health are both done in the same way, which is why I do not separate the two in my writings. If your exercise/nutrition/fat loss program does not also contribute significantly to your health…and continue to do so…I do not consider them to be a Quality Programs.

All Mixed Up

You will find references to fat-loss, exercise, cardio, aerobics, and physical and mental health everywhere in these CTTC reports…not only in the specific reports regarding these subjects. This is not only to emphasize their importance, but also because they are inseparable. You cannot intelligently discuss one of these subjects without involving all of them to some degree.

This is another reason that I sincerely recommend ordering the complete book, Cut Thru The Crap of Exercise and Fat-Loss Nutrition. The single CTTC reports, as good as they are, do not contain all the information on the subjects. You will not get the whole story.

This goes against modern “magic bullet” thinking, where you have to consider…or do…only one thing in order to achieve a certain outcome. However, “magic bullet” solutions rate right up there with “politically correct” thinking in my mind and, from what I can see, neither one of these works very well.

I consider being politically correct to be, in most cases, an insidious form of lying. For instance, I myself am not “motivationally challenged.” I am just plain lazy…pure and simple. I admit it, I accept it, and I manage my life with that fact in mind. If you base your life on bullshit, that is exactly what you will eventually wind up with.

Honesty clarifies problems, which then makes them much easier to solve.

The Information Gap

When I first started exercising in the 1950s, there was very little information on exercise available. Thankfully, that is no longer a problem. The problem now is that there is too much information. There is a lot of really good information out there and, at the same time, so much really bad information, “old wives’ tales”…and just plain crap…about health, nutrition, fat loss, and exercise, which stubbornly refuses to go away. It is very confusing and most people don’t have the experience or the knowledge necessary to separate the good from the bad.

It takes even more experience and knowledge to separate good from better…and better from best.

There are several good programs, techniques and systems of Quality Exercise, but they are not all equally suitable to help you to reach your personal exercise goals. This can be really confusing. These CTTC reports will provide you with the facts, information and ideas you need to make better choices.

Even if you choose not to follow the CTTC Exercise and Nutrition Programs (which I think would be a BIG mistake), the ideas and information in these reports can be applied to any exercise, body fat loss, or nutrition program…as well as any program designed to increase health.

Not a Pretty Picture

If you are looking for lots of pretty pictures or a fancy, flashy website…this is not it. These reports are, however, crammed so full of important, practical, and useful information that you will definitely want to (and need to) read them over and over again. I highly recommend that you also make notes while you are reading them.

Not Textbooks

Keeping in the spirit of Cut Thru The Crap, I want these reports to be an easy read, so I do not attempt to educate you about anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, or any other ology. If you are interested in learning more about these subjects, there are dozens of books that will do that much better than these reports will.

These are not medical or scientific reports either. They are easy-to-read, thoughtful, practical, doable guides for helping you to achieve your personal goals in the areas of fitness, body fat loss, control of body fat, physical and mental health, and creating a stronger, shapelier and/or more athletic body.

Many books have been written with these things in mind. However, most of them address only one or two of these subjects, which still leaves you with missing parts to a puzzle. Cut Thru The Crap of Exercise and Fat-Loss Nutrition combines all these subjects into two super efficient and time-saving programs.

Most exercise and nutrition books are written for a single group of people. There are exercise and nutrition books written specifically for young people, older people, in-between people, not-really-serious exercisers, serious exercisers in every type of sport, aerobic exercisers, anaerobic exercisers, golfers, exercisers using weights, bodybuilders and so on. If you don’t happen to fit into the one specific category that the book addresses, much of the information can be useless for achieving your specific goals.

These CTTC reports and the CTTC book, however, allow you to adapt the information to your personal situation.

Hear me

I wrote these Cut Thru The Crap reports as if I were personally instructing and talking to you on a one-on-one basis. I do attempt to inject a little humor, some sarcasm, and I even make up some words when I think it will help to make my point…or if it will make you really think about what I am saying.


I don’t want you to just read what I wrote…
I want you to hear what I am saying!


The Last Word

Once again, I do highly recommend that you obtain your own copy of the complete Cut Thru The Crap of Exercise and Fat-loss Nutrition book. It contains all the information found in all the CTTC reports, which makes the book a much better bargain.

And, as I have said a few times already, all this information needs to be integrated in order to achieve the best results possible because a sensible understanding of exercise and nutrition is a prerequisite to being successful at exercise and nutrition!

The less information you have, the less effective and the less efficient your exercise and nutrition programs will be.

Isn’t your health worth at least as much as a T-shirt with a ‘checkmark’, or somebody’s name on it?


The decision to change something in your life does not take a week, a month, or a year.

It is made in an instant!

This is your chance…so grab it!