Aerobics: Running Nowhere Fast

Most Traditional Cardio and Aerobics programs are very good at making you tired. But just making you tired doesn’t get the job done. And doing more of the same is also not a solution.

Unfortunately, hard work and effort don’t necessarily equate to positive results. In fact, there are thousands of exercisers out there working really hard, but still getting nowhere.

Why? Because there’s a ton of information out there that simply does not work very well…or does not work at all…but still requires lots of hard work and sacrifice from you.

What you really need are programs which don’t just make you tired, but instead lead you directly, effectively, and efficiently toward your health, fitness, and fat-loss goals.

What is the difference between Traditional Cardio/Aerobics programs (jogging, spinning, distance running, some kinds of “crazy” workouts, aerobic classes, Boot Camps, etc, etc) and CTTC Cardio-Aerobics?

  • CTTC Cardio-Aerobics increases and releases your fat-burning hormones, maintains lean muscle mass, takes much less time (more efficient), produces terrific results (more effective), and your body will not adapt to the workload, i.e., burn fewer calories for the same amount of work done.
  • CTTC Cardio-Aerobics burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time and continues to burn calories (after-burn) long after you have finished exercising. This will save you an incredible amount of time, not to mention wasted energy.
  • Traditional Cardio and Aerobics does NONE of these things!
  • Traditional Cardio and Aerobics programs decrease thyroid function, release more of the stress hormone cortisol, can make you lose muscle (a very bad thing…especially for women), can actually make you GAIN FAT, and can even damage your heart if really overdone.
  • Too much traditional Cardio and Aerobics can lower your metabolism. This is called “adpative thermogenesis.” Most people think this only happens from starvation dieting, but going overboard on the cardio can trigger a similar adaptive response. This slowdown in metabolism happens the most when you’re overdoing the cardio AND you’re severely cutting calories at the same time.
  • Steady-state cardio and aerobics also take up a lot of time, and your body will eventually adapt to the workload, i.e., burn fewer calories for the same amount of work done, so you will have to continually do more work just to stay in the same place (super inefficient)! I seriously doubt that this is what you are expecting from all your hard work.
  • Traditional Cardio and Aerobics programs take a longer amount of time to burn relatively fewer calories and they continue to burn calories (after-burn) for only a short time after you have finished exercising. And, on top of all that…for most people…Traditional Cardio and Aerobics are just really boring.
  • CTTC Cardio-Aerobics does NONE of these things!


What are some of the things you will learn from this CTTC report?

  • The differences between Aerobic exercise and Cardio exercise
  • Why most advice about using your Target Heart Rate is wrong
  • Why exercising in your Fat Burning Zone is (usually) wrong for losing excess body fat
  • Exactly how much exercise you need to do for optimal health
  • Exactly how much exercise you need to do to most efficiently lose excess body fat
  • The 6 negative things that excessive aerobics will do to your health and your body
  • Why muscle is necessary in order to have a firm and shapely (or athletic) body
  • The difference between Aerobic Exercise and Aerobic Activities
  • How to adapt Aerobic Exercise and Aerobic Activities to fit your individual situations
  • And much, much more…including everything you need to know in order to use the CTTC Cardio-Aerobics system to achieve the best results possible.

In other words, you will learn how to reach your fat-loss, fitness, and health goals as quickly and as efficiently as possible by using the right kind of aerobic and cardio exercise, at the right pace, and at the right place in your exercise program.

So…you can do what 90% of Aerobic/Cardio exercisers are still doing…or you can join the 10% of successful exercisers who are enjoying much better results with much less exercise. Read about the 10%ers by going to HOME.

ATTENTION: CTTC Cardio-Aerobics is NOT the traditional interval training that’s become so trendy over the past few years. It is much more efficient and much more ‘doable’.


Length of Report: 27 pages

Price: US$ 8.95