If I Had Known I Was Going To Live This Long…I Would Have Taken Much Better Care Of Myself


 It doesn’t matter where you are now.

What matters is where you are going!


Health is a very strange thing. As important as good health is to living a happy, fulfilling life, most people do not give their health a second thought…until it is gone!

As long as things are going relatively well, they are not willing to invest a small amount of time and energy, much less money, in their own health.

But when they lose their health big time…or even permanently, all of a sudden they are willing to do anything and pay anything to get their lost health back.


When you have good health, you have everything.

Without good health, you have nothing.


The purpose of my book, Cut Thru The Crap of Exercise and Fat-Loss Nutrition, and these CTTC reports is to prevent this from happening.

Unfortunately, the most difficult product in the world to sell is prevention!

People have convinced themselves that no matter what they do to themselves, the doctors and/or some miracle drug will be able to completely patch them up again. And they expect it to be done quickly, painlessly and with as little inconvenience to themselves as possible.

The statistics on preventable hospital and prescription drug deaths in this report, however,  will change your mind about this forever.

You always hear that “It’s never too late.”

Unfortunately, when it comes to your health, that is not always true. Sometimes it is too late.

Healthcare is something you do for yourself. It’s health-building nutrition, it’s effective & efficient exercise, and it’s prudent habits. That’s what gives you health. Your insurance policy can’t give or maintain your health.

People say ‘health care’, but what they’re really talking about is medical care. They don’t use the term ‘medical care’ because it sounds scary. Everyone wants to insure their health, not their diseases and sicknesses.


It never ceases to amaze me that people who do absolutely nothing for their health
are always surprised when they become ill.

They should actually be surprised when they have
occasional periods of being “not too sick.”


What are some of the things you will learn from this CTTC report?

• The astounding statistics of prescription drug use in America…even for children
• The mind-boggling numbers of preventable deaths in American hospitals
• The shocking number of annual deaths from Over-The-Counter medicines
• Which drugs are safe and have no side effects
• What the 8 pillars of true health are
• What the negative influences on your immune system are
• How to positively influence and strengthen your immune system
• The 11 medical tests everyone needs to do to keep track of your health
• What the 2 most important factors for optimal health are
• Why you have a responsibility to others to build and maintain your health


It’s not how LONG you live…but HOW you live long!


The 3 questions you have to ask yourself now are:

1 What am I willing to do to improve my health…or even better…to achieve optimal health?

2 Isn’t important information about my health worth at least what a brand-name T-shirt costs? The CTTC book costs US$ 19.95. Now…how much did the shirt that you are now wearing cost…those shoes…your last meal out?

Or isn’t your health worth at least the price of a Big Mac®…average cost, $4.79 in the U.S. The price of this CTTC report is US$ 5.50.

3 Am I going to wait until it is too late for me too?


If people would spend just 5% of the money and 10% of the time on their health that they spend on clothing and their outer appearance, pharmaceutical companies would be much poorer, health insurance would be much cheaper, and many doctors would be out of work.


Length of Report: 22 pages

Price: US$ 5.50