Just For The Ladies


This is a short report, but it contains lots of important information for women who are trying to shape up, lose excess body fat, or improve their health.

Ladies are special. We all know that. However, when it comes to health, exercise, nutrition, and losing excess body fat…sorry ladies, but you are not that special.

You need to build your health, exercise, eat, and lose excess body fat exactly like the guys have to do it…except for a couple of minor differences. In fact…not exercising like the guys do (or should be doing) is the major reason that millions of women are failing to achieve their health, fitness, and fat loss goals.

I see this happening every time I go to a gym and it breaks my heart seeing all these well-meaning women slaving away at worthless exercises.

“But I really work hard in my exercise program.”

Unfortunately, working hard does not always translate into results which are proportional to the amount of time and work that you are putting in.

Just look at most of the women taking all those trendy exercise/dance classes. How many of them have measurably changed their bodies after those many, many hours of ‘exercise’?

What women really need are programs which will guide them…effectively and efficiently…towards achieving their health, fitness, and fat loss goals. The CTTC exercise and nutrition programs do this very well. Take a look at the testimonials on this website to see just how well.


What are some of the things you will learn from this CTTC report?

  • Why building firm, healthy (toned) muscle is necessary for a shapely body
  • Why it is impossible for women to ‘accidentally’ build big, ugly muscles
  • When and how women do need to exercise differently than men
  • How women are actually building bigger butts by exercising incorrectly
  • Which worthless exercises almost all women are doing
  • Why losing “weight” should not be your primary fitness goal
  • How to use illusion to shape your body
  • What really causes cellulite and what to do about it
  • What and who is truly behind the pressure to ‘be thin’ and what men really think about it

The CTTC exercise and nutrition programs will make you a more knowledgeable, more successful, better exerciser and, thereby, increase and speed up your measurable results immensely.

They will also save you an enormous amount of time…and who doesn’t want more time to enjoy life?


Length of Report: 11 pages

Price: US$ 4.50