Feeding A Hardbody: The Biology Of Blubber


It’s a mess out there, isn’t it? With all the fad diets, celebrity diets, detox scams, half-truthful nutritional information, hype, and flashy new apps every week, the world of nutrition has become a confusing place. Is it any wonder that most people find it impossible to lose their excess body fat, build their health, and get in shape?

With these CTTC Reports…and the Cut Thru The Crap book…I am attempting to fix this problem.

How? By giving control back to the 10% of people who are truly ready to make a change…and who want something more than just another stupid diet/exercise book.

Question: How have we managed to completely screw up something so basic as eating?

Answer: The experts & gurus have…

Over-complicated the simple

Over-simplified the complicated

The nutrition and diet industries are confusing everyone…for their own gain…to the tune of $20,000,000,000 in 2012…just in America!

But health-building nutrition is not rocket science, people! We need to get back to basics.

And let me be very clear about this. Fat-Loss Nutrition (not diets) and health-building nutrition are basically the same, so remember one extremely important thing…




You have heard over and over again that ‘diets don’t work’ for losing excess body fat, but usually they don’t tell you what these diets can do to your body. Well, here is a little sample of what changes calorie restricting diets (the most popular kind) can cause.

With such a diet, you risk:

  • Depleting your growth, insulin, and thyroid hormones
  • Increasing age-related muscle wasting
  • Slowing your metabolism
  • Having less bone mass and more osteoporosis
  • Poor cardiac health (muscle wasting again…your heart is a muscle)
  • Amenorrhea (missing menstrual periods)
  • Weaker immune systems and slower healing
  • Lowering your libido and fertility
  • Worse athletic performance 
  • Less strength
  • Anemia
  • Reduced cognitive function
  • Becoming more forgetful

So, as you can see, diets don’t only not work for losing excess body fat…but they can also royally screw up your body and your health. Not exactly what you were expecting from that ‘promise everything’ diet, is it?


What are some of the things you will learn from this CTTC report?

  • The ten major reasons we get fat
  • The difference between hunger and appetite
  • What you should be eating
  • When you should be eating
  • The best sources of lean proteins
  • The healthiest types of fats
  • The best sources of healthy carbohydrates
  • How to easily figure out exactly how much of these foods you should be eating
  • What the best health-building beverages are
  • Which foods and drinks you should not be eating and drinking
  • Which supplements you need to maximize your recovery from intense exercise
  • Which supplements you need to super-charge your health and immune system
  • Correct before and after exercise nutrition
  • What sucks the energy out of our bodies?
  • Practical nutrition goals
  • The 80/20 rule of healthy nutrition (This one will simplify your nutrition…and your life…immensely.)
  • The problem of alcohol and losing excess body fat


Included in this report is The CTTC “KISS” Diet Evaluation Procedure which will enable you to quickly and logically evaluate any diet which you may come across.

Also included in this report is my CTTC Simplified Twelve-Step Stop-Start Program, which is a humorous take-off on 12 Step programs. However, the truths parodied here accurately summarize the mistakes most people are making in their nutrition…and explain in very simple terms how to correct these mistakes.


The more you know about a subject, the easier and more quickly you will be able to achieve goals related to that subject.


Length of Report: 35 pages

Price: US$ 9.95