Talk is cheap, so I am not going to tell you that I have helped tens of thousands of people in 150 different countries lose more than 3,000,000 pounds of fat, etc, etc…because I haven’t. I have only coached people on a one-on-one basis (hence the term ‘Personal‘ Trainer), and I have been writing successful exercise and nutrition programs for every level of exerciser for 50+ years now!

As I have stated elsewhere on this website, I earn my living in a profession which has nothing to do with exercise or nutrition, so I do not spend entire days in gyms or fitness studios…but I still had to keep my body in top condition for 45+ years.

What I have done is to help many 10%-ers (see HOME for an explanation of 10%-ers) to reach their personal exercise, nutrition, health, and fat loss goals in an effective, efficient, and lasting way, thereby significantly improving their quality of life.

You can read what a variety of them have to say about me and/or my methods below. Then you can decide for yourself if I know what I am talking about…or not.

You can also see my history and qualifications by clicking onto WHO AM I.

Many of the CTTC reports on this website have been partially or completely taken from my 5 star rated book: Cut Thru The Crap of Exercise and Fat-Loss Nutrition. All reports have been updated in 2015 and incorporate the most recent findings and information.

Cut Thru The Crap of Exercise and Fat-Loss Nutrition is available in its entirety as an ebook on this website. It contains all of the CTTC reports and is a much better bargain than purchasing a few reports. And you will have all this important information on hand, all at once.

The following are testimonials from a broad range of people who have read the original CTTC book and people who have had personal experiences with myself and with the CTTC methods.



Reviewed by: Akanksha Gilbertson, C.N. – American Board Certified Nutritionist

Cut Thru The Crap (CTTC) outlines a practical and authentic approach to health and fitness, and speaks the truth to everyone who has been puzzled or roped in with the diet and fitness industry’s hypes, marketing tactics, gimmicks and over-promising miracle claims that under-deliver. Claims of fat-free, gluten-free, zero carbs, 60 second abs, etc, are all touted as miracle cures to magically cure obesity to a still, nationally obese nation.

The Cut Thru The Crap book does exactly what it states, it cuts through the plethora of information and confusion overload and helps the reader understand nutrition and exercise in a manner that is easy to grasp while reinforcing motivation through the emphasis of a practical mindset, which is that of hard work, patience and an understanding of fitness and nutrition.

Mr. Dickson’s book explains the fundamental foundation on how the body and one’s health works. He addresses a key point that to master one’s health one must know that diet and fitness is not a one size fits all approach.

Most programs and books try to show you how to gain restraint. CTTC shows you how to regain control. The layout of the book helps the reader visualize the methodical plan of action needed to start to regain control of one’s health.

The book begins with some fascinating myth busters that recapitulate tips, facts and fiction, such as: What is better, light weights, more reps, heavy weights, or less reps?

CTTC navigates the path to fitness in Chapters 3 and 4, through quality exercise through proper exertion, or as cleverly put by Mr. Dickson: “exer(t)cise”.

Mr. Dickson begins the book by explaining the fundamental foundation on how the body and one’s health works. He addresses a key point that to master one’s health one must know that diet and fitness is not a one size fits all approach. Most programs and books try to show you how to gain restraint. CTTC shows you how to regain control. The layout of the book helps the reader visualize the methodical plan of action needed to start to regain control of one’s health.

Cut Thru The Crap explains the science behind aerobic, and anaerobic exercises. Anaerobic workouts are touched upon in greater detail in Chapter 8, where the advantages and know-how of free weights are detailed.

The methodology helps readers unfamiliar with free weights, start to understand them. It also allows those familiar with free weights to take their practice to the next level and learn a variety of approaches and workout strategies. I really enjoyed learning from the numerous examples of workout routines which range in different levels and that are outlined in the second half of the book. They provided me with variations on my current regime, which I am excited to upgrade.

The book further tells readers of the “secret recipe” of CTTC, which is that there is no miracle recipe, and that taking responsibility and being accountable for one’s choices is what shapes one’s health, especially when it comes to nutritional choices.

Nutrition topics are covered in a concise manner but with enough depth to back up their reasoning in following chapters. Some Do’s and Do Not’s emphasized are well rounded claims such as eating small meals, about 5-6 times, throughout the day to keep one’s blood glucose level stable and thereby regulating hormones, a topic which can be discovered later in the book.

Points such as eating breakfast, not skipping meals, ensuring fiber and essential fatty acid intake, avoiding simple sugars and simple carbohydrates and pretty much staying away from packaged, processed diet foods are all explained in a no-nonsense approach.

A brief chapter points out some hygiene and etiquette talk that we have all either been irked by, or perhaps have been unknowingly been committing, and is a fun read.

Cut Thru The Crap goes on to explain the tools needed to succeed in a prevalently failing endeavor for most, which is that of losing fat.

The book details various options that one can choose based on personal preferences, timers, heart-rate monitors, back belts, weight gloves as well as a log that is provided in the book, as by keeping track of and monitoring one’s progress, and staying injury free and motivated is the recipe for success.

Chapter 15 is dedicated to women specific fitness issues, such as myths about bulking up, body image issues, creating definition and even touches on the billion dollar cellulite industry and its most effective product and how to get it ( spoiler alert ladies: its good circulation). The book ends with some fascinating myth busters that recapitulate tips, facts and fiction that were covered previously, such as: What is better, light weights, more reps, heavy weights, or less reps?

As a nutritionist I have consistently had to break the engrained thought processes of clients that believe they have to starve themselves and subject themselves to a calorically stringent diet to achieve fat loss.

It is refreshing to see Mr. Dickson cut through the fat of what a nationally obese country has been told to buy – fat-free, sugar-free and processed foods which have only exacerbated our national obesity crisis.

CTTC debunks the hype of fads and explains the importance of quality dietary choices .

CTTC sets the right positive mindset while allowing the reader to understand how to achieve realistic, real and concrete goals that are attainable and allows the reader to think, integrate and adapt these facts as a way of life to suit each one’s need and lifestyle.

Akanksha is a nutritionist practicing in the Los Angeles area. She is also the owner and founder of Foodtrition whose consultation practice is founded on the notion of energizing and recharging wellness through food. She also conducts research for the companies that are on the forefront of Epigenetics and Nutraceuticals.


Teachers give direction to the future course of your life.
Choose yours wisely.


You see many books that are written for the sole purpose of selling books. The information is “packaged,” and usually also ghost-written, to tell you what you want to hear instead of what you need to know. You won’t find that to be the case in Cut Thru The Crap of Fitness and Fat-Loss Nutrition.

The author tells it like it is. What you will have in your hands is a lifetime of experience gained through meticulous trial and error. What you will get is a shortcut to success that comes from years of study and hard-learned lessons about what works and what doesn’t work.

This book is perfect for everyone who ever said, “I just don’t have the time to exercise,” because with this program you can’t afford not to exercise – the positive results are just too compelling.

Bob was using weights to improve both his health and his sports performances decades before it was accepted by the mainstream.

He was already using special diets and nutritional supplements back in the 1960’s. During this time he also utilized meditation, visualization, and yoga to enhance his sports performances, and was teaching them to others as well.

He constantly amazed teammates and friends with his ability to get ready for major gymnastic competitions, seemingly overnight. We knew that Bob knew something special; we just didn’t know how much he knew…until now.

Charles Froeming, BS, MA
BS in Physical Education
MS in Energy Medicine
National Caliber Still Rings Competitor

When Bobby Dickson told me that he was writing a book about exercise and nutrition, it seemed very logical to me because I often refer to him as a “walking encyclopedia.”

For me personally, he has often functioned as a very reliable reference book and it is fantastic that this knowledge is now available to everyone in book form!

Gabriëlle Welmers
Certified Aerobics and Fitness Instructor
Certified Sports Massage Therapist


Only three things are important when it comes to exercise or fat-loss:

Results, Results and…once again…Results!


This is a great book! It gives me specifics to go by rather than just wasting time at the gym.

I changed my workouts to your recommendations and for the first five weeks I was gaining weight (muscle) but losing inches, especially around my waist.

After that I began also slowly losing actual weight on the scale while continuing to build some muscle. I now do crunches the way you say and it really works.

After only five weeks on your program I was able to get off three blood pressure medications. My doctor could not believe that I was able to lower my blood pressure that much…or that fast.

Jim Dickson
Retired commercial airline pilot

 Your exercise goal should be to produce maximum results
with the minimum amount of exercise possible

RESULTS are what count…not how MUCH exercise you do!


I wanted to let you know that I am progressing through your book quickly.  It’s quite funny and incredibly informational. Makes me look back at how much time I have spent exercising incorrectly and makes sense now why I didn’t get in shape faster….or at all!


I am very excited with my results as I just went and bought a pair of size 10 jeans. That is 12…count them…12 pants sizes down from where I was at my heaviest. WAHOO. I am still looking to drop more weight and get more fit…but the difference thus far is absolutely amazing. 

So thank you for giving me the tools to accomplish what nothing else has been able to do for me in the past.

At my heaviest I weighed in at 250+ pounds (115 kg) and wore a size 22+. I am currently wearing a size 10 nicely and am continuing to reshape. I will be in a size 8 before too long.

I have no idea what my weight is now as I do not step on scales anymore. I am down almost 5 coat sizes. I used to wear XL t-shirts and am now down to mediums.

I cannot express the difference this has made in my life on many, many different levels. So, thank you. I am filled with nothing but gratitude when I think of you. And things just keep getting better and better as the weight just keeps falling off.  I LOVE IT!!!!

I appreciate you going to so much work to tailor my workouts. I know how much work that is and all that has to be considered. My body is proof that your methods work and I am so excited about that.

So thank you Bobby…for believing in me and giving me the tools that I had been missing to live the healthy lifestyle that I have always dreamed of living.

Little blue cocktail dress 1     Staci Hill 03-15-09

Stacy Hill – Owner Rincon Vista Horse Farm



“It is instructional, cohesive, and brutally honest. Do not pick up this book if you want sugar-coated advice.

Dickson gives blunt, intelligent, and humorous advice that can help change the way you see food and exercise, but only if you decide to let it.”

Aliya Kahn – The Indiana Statesmen


“Dickson’s ideas are different from mainstream concepts about weight loss.

This book unites ideas about exercise, nutrition, and health with common sense.”

Heather Spangler – University of Iowa College of Education



Outstanding! This is a fun book and an easy read, as well as being very informative. You have written an excellent book that will be a great teaching tool for years to come.

Judy Gedney, BS, MS
Professor of Biomechanics at Western Illinois University for 38 years
Co-founder of both The World, and The American, Drug-Free Powerlifting Federations
Competing powerlifter at the world championship level

I love this fantastic guide for living a long & healthy life…!!!

Ray Bright
Professor & Gymnastics Coach for 40 years at California State University – Chico


Bobby is truly a guru for people who are interested in their total health but don’t know where to start. This book is the perfect vehicle for helping so many more people than he could ever manage to help in person.

It really sorts through the garbage and truly tries to educate people. Bobby never ceases to amaze me and I am overwhelmed with this product.

Lucy Koviak, BS, MS
Former gymnast
High School teacher for the past 25 years



Bobby’s insights into sports nutrition are of such a standard that I recommended him to the sports physiologist in the hospital where I work, as well as to the sports surgeon of our medical team, who is also the Chief Surgeon for the Philips football (soccer) team of Eindhoven…PSV…one of the top professional soccer teams in the world.

Dr. Jan J. H. Pallada, MD


I don’t think anyone has presented such a case before and I truly believe it is the “right” answer for a huge percentage of our population.

I completely love the way you have boiled the key information down to a very useable length as well as how you have used a very straightforward, “no BS allowed” delivery.

People need to see how all the BS floating around is only there to take their money, not to help them reach their goals.


Neil Schmitt, BS, MBA
Multiple times All-American (gymnastics)
Former University of Iowa Gymnastics coach
Marketing Executive for Hewlett Packard


Pays for itself hundreds of times over!

Celeste Simmons
Owner and Coach of a gymnastics school for 35 years


Everyone needs to buy this book!

Hal Halvorson
Gymnastics Coach


This book is great. It gives a new and original look at so many facts that most people overlook. The basic facts on diet and exercise are to the point and very realistic.

It puts the responsibility for one’s health directly on the individual – no excuses.

Sam Bailie, BS, MS
Multiple times All American (gymnastics)
American National Champion (gymnastics)
Former gymnastics coach
at the University of Arizona and the University of Iowa
Member – Board of Directors of the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame.

I have a girl who trains like warrior… Parise Samson!  She is a former WBFF fitness professional, now going for national level status CBBF to cross over to IFFB bikini division

For warm ups she uses a 10 minute spin bike HIIT system from Bobby Dickson, which you can apply to more things than just spin bike.

It’s a great system for elite athletes or anyone who wants to get in and out quickly. Great for cutting fat and building overall health. She absolutely loves it! It’s her go to thing now. She loves the short time frame and its effects on her body. I can see its effects in her (contest) preparation as well.

I have two more ladies for contest preparations coming up and I will definitely be applying Bobby’s program for them as well.

If anyone on this planet is an authority on short strength training and proper HIIT, it’s Bobby Dickson! No contest!

Jon Trax – Ncsa-CPT – CanFitPro-CPT
Owner, Pro Status Fitness / Co-Owner, E-media

Successful people look for logical, practical, effective and efficient means of reaching their goals…not quick fixes!


Up till now, the problem with books on exercise and nutrition has been that you had to practically be a doctor to understand them, or they were so boring that you fell asleep trying to get through them.

Bobby’s book has definitely solved both of these problems. This is the best book on exercise and nutrition that I have ever read.

When I first met Bobby, I had just finished my own education as a fitness instructor. The funny thing was that almost everything Bobby told me that day was new to me. It was also different from all the other things I had heard or tried before, and I thought that was really fascinating.

I believed him right away, not only because I knew he had been training some of the world’s top athletes, but also because I trusted him as a person, even though we had never met before.

By that I mean that I really got the feeling that Bobby was doing this because he likes to help people (in this case, me), instead of being like so many other trainers who just like to tell other people how good they are.

Sometimes in life we are just lucky to meet the right persons, and I knew this was one of my lucky days.

The first thing Bobby told me was that I had to go up a weight class and that, with his training and nutrition programs, I would get the necessary kilos of muscle mass in about a year or two.

Within two years I had gained 10 kilograms (22 lbs) of quality muscle. I went from 77 kilograms (169.4 lbs) to 87 kilograms (191.4 lbs). I had no problems to reach my competition weight of 85 kilograms (187.0 lbs) and I have never felt more full of energy in my whole life!

Things went really well for me during this period. I won the European Championships, the World Championships, and the World Games – all three of the major tournaments in my sport.

The two most important things I learned from Bobby’s training methods were “how to train smart instead of only training hard” and “how to be ready on the right day”! And those two things are, if you ask me, the key elements in any competitive sport.

I cannot begin to say how much Bobby’s help meant to me, and I strongly advise everybody to try his programs!

Rob Haans

Rob Haans
Certified Fitness Instructor
3rd Dan Black Belt in Judo
5th Dan Black Belt in Jui-Jitsu
Hand-to-hand combat instructor for the Royal Dutch Police Units
European Jiu-Jitsu Champion
World Jiu-Jitsu Champion
World Games Jiu-Jitsu Champion
Only man to ever win
World Jiu-Jitsu Championships in 2 and 3 different weight classes


If you want to Cut Thru The Crap (CTTC) and get down to the truth about how nutrition and exercise impacts weight loss, then you need to have a copy of this book.

I purchased a copy and it is definitely one of the best books out there dealing with the issues of health, nutrition, exercise, and weight loss.

The book is affordable and will remain invaluable for a lifetime. It contains a wealth of information that will truly clear up misconceptions and falsehoods that have been proliferated upon consumers worldwide.

Paul Tickenoff, BS, MA
Former U.S. National Team Member (gymnastics)
President of the Southern California Gymnastic Judges Association


“If it were not for Bobby Dickson’s help, I would not be standing here today as the current World Champion.”

Bobby & Peter Aerts 1998 #3

Peter Aerts
Multiple times Super Heavyweight World Muay Thai Champion
Multiple times Super Heavyweight World Kickboxing Champion
Multiple times winner of the King of Kings (K-1) Tournament


“I’m a Temple University gymnast and I’m in my last semester here studying exercise science. I just purchased your book and I love it already.

Usually I don’t like reading generic fitness books but your CTTC book is perfect. The information you share should surely be part any exercise science curriculum.

I feel like this is a crucial puzzle piece that I need for my future in fitness related fields and I am excited to incorporate this knowledge for helping others achieve their goals.”

Jan Kitzen
Temple University gymnast


My new program with about a third less sets and an extra 5 days off over a 4 week cycle has been very good so far.

Although doing much less, I’ve gained strength. I’m also having better workouts, including more pump. The additional recovery time is helping physically and emotionally (less irritable).

Resistance training is down to 25-30 minutes. I particularly like your stomach curls instead of the machines.

Ward Meythaler
All American (gymnastics)
American Still Rings Champion
Attorney at Law


Saskia tore a ligament in her ankle. During her long recovery, she added forty pounds of excess body fat. Her comeback match was against the European Champion and Saskia had waited much too long to begin losing the forty pounds.

First she went to a dietitian, who put her on a really stupid low-calorie diet and used no nutritional supplements. After Saskia literally passed out a few times during training, she came to me.

Under my supervision, she not only lost the forty pounds in time for her comeback, but the European Champion was literally “saved by the bell” in the first round, and barely made it out of her corner before she was KO’ed in the second round.

The martial arts magazines said that they had never seen Saskia so strong, and in such good condition.

Saskia Habraken
Multiple times World Kickboxing Champion


I had already been working with Daniella for some time when she called me two weeks before her second world boxing title defense. She was in bed with a severe case of the flu.

I designed a nutrition program, heavily based on nutritional supplements, to boost her immune system and maintain her strength.

Two weeks later she successfully defended her world championship title.

She said that she felt so strong and energetic that she could have immediately fought again.

Daniella Sommers
World Kickboxing Champion
World Full Contact Karate Champion
Multiple times World Boxing Champion


 The purpose of Quality Exercise is not to run a certain distance,or to lift a certain amount of weight.

The purpose is to create a specific stimulation in your body which will then produce a specific and desired result.


Cut Thru The Crap is fun and exciting to read. Superior advice coming from a high class athlete who knows what it takes to be in optimal shape.

Specific breakdown of how to approach health and wellness to make the life change. It would be wise to buy this book.

J Kitzen Abelson, BS
Former gymnast


Great book. You don’t need two hours a day in the gym, you don’t need to eat odd food, you get good results! Perfect for lazy, vain people like me!

Randy Raudabaugh
Former gymnast and Exxon executive for 37 years



I am Belgian, 36 years old, and I have been working professionally as a singer and performer since I was 16.

Since my shows include a lot of dancing, high-level singing and wearing impossible-to-wear costumes, I quickly understood the importance of having a good condition and a healthy, well shaped body… so I have been doing a lot of sports, mainly the combination of running and using weights.

Also I went to several ‘food experts’ to learn how to keep the excessive kilos away. And since the mixture of all these ingredients gave me a satisfying result, I thought it was just normal that I had to train almost 2 hours every day and to look away every time some delicious food came along.

However, there came a point where I felt I had to do more and more to get the results I wished for, so…more time in the gym, more effort, and less food were on the program.

Then I met Bobby. Talking to Bobby is always a journey through learning new things, especially when it comes to working out and taking the right foods and supplements.

When I talked to him about my time-lacking problem, he assured me that he could help. He just asked me to trust him 100% and give it a few weeks time to see the results.

I must honestly say I found it hard to believe that I could reduce my exercise sessions to less than an hour, find them more enjoyable, work out fewer days per week, and get the same…no…even better results than I had with my 2 hour killer programs.

Since the CTTC program, I am super content with how my body looks, how it feels, and this without losing a bit of my cardio condition, even though I am doing MUCH less cardio now.

I learned that a lot of exercises I was doing were useless for my needs. Running too long, using the wrong weights, ignoring my breathing.

Bobby really listens to what you desire and understands the lifestyle you’re in. In most gyms you get the same advice that they give to any other client there. How personal can that be?

In the CTTC program, I really feel personally guided by good advice for MY body and MY life, not that of hundreds of other people who have other bodies, other needs, and have more or less time than I do.

The quality of my health, life, and time is so much richer now… and I just love how my body looks too!

La Sakhra

Petra De Steur
Singer and actress


I had already been seriously training with weights for many years, and considered myself to be very well informed about this type of exercise.

Then I trained together with Bobby for a few weeks and he occasionally offered small pieces of advice on how to perform certain exercises I was doing. They were mostly very small changes in body or hand positions, but the difference they made in the “feel” of the exercises was incredible.

At that time I weighed 76 kg (167 lbs.) with very low body fat, and had been trying for a long time to get my muscular weight up to my goal of 80 kg (176 lbs.), without success.

One day I mentioned this to Bobby and he said that if I would trust him 100% and do exactly what he said to do, he could guarantee that I would weigh at least 80 kg, with no gain in body fat, in less than two weeks.

I did not believe this for one second, but I had seen how well his other suggestions had worked and thought, “What have I got to lose? It is only for a couple of weeks and then I can go back to my normal training again.”

Besides, I was very curious how Bobby thought he could accomplish something in less than two weeks that I had not been able to do with many months of intense training.

To make a long story short, Bobby wrote a personal exercise program for me, made some small changes to my diet, and told me which nutritional supplements I needed to take.

In less than two weeks, I weighed 80+ kg, just like he promised. I was astounded, to say the least.

Bobby’s exercise program seemed very strange to me and went against many concepts that I had previously learned as “absolute rules” of strength training.

I never believed that the small changes he made in my diet could be so important and I had also never used supplements because I always thought they were just a scam.

I still use the concepts he taught me, and even go back to his original program a couple of times a year, because it still works.

As I said, some of Bobby’s ideas may sound very strange, but I know they work.

Istvan Deltai
Professional acrobat and hand-balancer


This is a great book! I actually thought that, being a trapeze artist, I knew how I needed to train. But now I know better, thanks to CTTC.

Now I achieve much better results with much less time. I feel stronger, more fit, and healthier too. I also have much more time to concentrate on my technique and to enjoy life.

Thank you, thank you for your help Bobby!!!

11781743_10204945525180600_5352762434436391438_n   1383048_10200786852416380_1396107299_n

Vera Hummel
Trapeze Artist


“I love CTTC! It’s a great book full of facts and figures to help me maintain a healthier and better in-shape kinda life.

A busy job for which I need to be in shape, 2 small kids who expect me to be in shape for picking them up and playing 😉 and not enough time to accomplish all that makes CTTC indispensable to me.

The author’s great humor and wonderful cynicism does make the reading very enjoyable.

Maintaining or getting back to an acceptable shape has never been so easy and so much fun…”

Jan Schepens


“I love the authentic nature of your book.

You are right. The vast majority of people are strapped for time and want the best results from someone who actually knows their stuff.

The trendy methods are not only time wasting, but are in some cases actually dangerous. Using real physiological and psychological science is still the best way.

People who promise miracles in a pill or in a method that promises results in a week are something we should be skeptical about, and rightly so.”

Carey Ann


Super detailed and thoroughly researched. The author leaves nothing to chance in this book on fitness.

The best one I’ve ever read because of its attention to detail and coverage of all possible eventualities: advice on supplements, workout tempo/intensity, weightlifting and aerobic advice. That’s just a short list of what Mr. Dickson discusses.

This book is excellent and well-written. I highly recommend.

Laz Alvarez
Law Enforcement


Fantastic! A concise, efficient path to fitness.

All you need to embark on a complete fitness program including cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone and strength and most importantly “fat loss”.

I was so impressed with the logic and efficiency of the information in this book that I bought three additional copies…one for my son and one each for my two brothers!

Walter Lytle


Cut Thru The Crap is the most logical fitness book I’ve ever read. The author Robert Dickson
explains everything in a very easy to understand way.

He definitely cuts right thru it and tells you how it really is.

Very good book. A must read for everyone!!!

Rob Lyall


“It really uncovers the core of these basic yet frequently forgotten principles of fitness.

I enjoyed reading the text, not only because it is highly educational, but also because of the way it is written. I like your style, especially the humor 🙂

It is easy to read and understand. Before, I used to believe in all that crap (as you say it and there is definitely no better word for it) that all kinds of magazines wrote about diets and stuff.

It is exactly because uneducated and incompetent people write about these things that makes the majority of people get stuck in delusion and confusion.”

Lana Sutic


“Your book has helped me reduce weight, keep it off, & continue my fitness routine to more completely enjoy life as a ‘maturing’ woman. Note I said maturing, not mature!”

Maura McKnight
CFO & Production/Development Manager
The Candy Drawer Confectionery Bakery & Candy Store


The decision to change something in your life does not take

a week, a month, or a year.

It is made in an instant!