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This book was originally published in 2007 after 2½ years of research and writing.

It has been completely updated and re-edited in 2015.

This is not just another fitness and diet book. This is a body and health transformation book.


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  1. 22 Myths and Fairy Tales
  2. Who Am I, And Why Should You Listen to Me Instead of All the Other “Experts”?
  3. What Ever Happened to the “T” In Exer(t)cise?
  4. Aerobics: Running Nowhere Fast
  5. Why Would Anyone in His Right Mind Want to Lose Weight?
  6. The Chapter That Should Not Have to Be in This Book.
  7. Don’t Forget to Accessorize.
  8. The CTTC Workouts: Scientific Fitness vs Science Fiction.
  9. General Instructions for all 3 of the CTTC Workouts
    The CTTC Workout #1
  10. The CTTC Workout #2
  11. The CTTC Workout #3
  12. Adapting the CTTC Workouts.
    Adapted CTTC Workouts for Beginners/Intermediates – Category #1
    Adapted CTTC Workouts for Beginners/Intermediates – Category #2
    Gaining Muscular Weight
  13. Feeding a Hardbody.
  14. At Home and on the Road.
  15. Just For the Ladies.
  16. Had I Known I Was Going to Live This Long, I Would Have Taken Much Better Care of Myself.
  17. Worth Their Weight in Fat.
  18. Acknowledgements, or…Who is responsible for this mess?
  19. Index




A no-nonsense personal prescription for Exercise, Nutrition, and a Healthy, Fulfilling Lifestyle.


CTTC is a brutally honest guide to creating a stronger, shapelier, and healthier body…in the shortest amount of time…and with the least amount of exercise possible.

My hope is that this book will not only motivate you to use Quality Exercise and Quality Nutrition to improve your body and enhance your health, but that it will also inspire you to better your “self”.




This book will not only put you in control of your weight…it could also put you in control of your life.


I have never been able to understand why people who would never accept living in a house that is broken down and falling apart, allow their spirits and minds to live in one.


I think you will find this to be a little different from your normal, run-of-the-mill exercise book. I sincerely hope that the way I present the information in this book will open exercisers’ minds to what they are actually doing…or at least shock them into thinking about what they are actually doing.

If this book can convince only a few exercisers to stop blindly following advice, and to begin thinking and analyzing what they are actually doing, then I will have done the job I set out to do. These readers will then become better, healthier, more successful exercisers…with more attractive bodies to show for it.


One of the things that makes this book different is the way that I use words. Words are very powerful things. They cause actual physiological changes in both our bodies and our minds. For this reason, I do not sugar-coat my words, my opinions, or my advice. If I happen to offend your sensibilities in the process, that’s OK too. At least I will have gotten some kind of reaction out of you.


I introduce several personal definitions in this book which I feel are necessary to eliminate the confusion caused by years of incorrect interpretation of certain words related to the fields of exercise, nutrition, and health. I do this because one of the main purposes of this book is to make you think about what you are hearing, reading, believing and doing when it comes to exercise, nutrition, body fat and your health.

Quality Exercise?

In Chapter #3, I am sure you will be surprised to hear what I do not consider to be Quality Exercise. Most people only think they are exercising, which is why their results are usually so disappointing.

A sensible understanding of exercise is a prerequisite to being successful at exercise.

If you do not understand what exercise really is, you cannot make good exercise choices. Without good exercise choices, you will fail to achieve your exercise and health goals.


A Quality Exercise and nutrition program should do all of the following…and continue to do so:

  • Increase your lean body mass (muscle)…or maintain it at a level at which you are personally satisfied.
  • Decrease your body fat…or maintain it at a level at which you are healthy and personally satisfied.
  • Improve your cardiovascular condition…or maintain it at a level where you remain completely functional.
  • Increase your strength…or maintain it at a level where you remain completely functional.
  • Improve your flexibility…or maintain it at a level where you remain completely mobile.
  • Increase your energy levels…or maintain them at levels at which you can function optimally.
  • Enhance your health…and keep you as healthy as possible.
  • Strengthen your immune system…and keep it strong.
  • Improve your quality of life.

If it does not do all these things…and continue doing them…it is NOT a Quality Exercise/Nutrition program.

All Mixed Up

You will find references to fat-loss, exercise, aerobics, and physical & mental health everywhere in this book…not only in the specific chapters regarding these subjects. This is not only to emphasize their importance, but also because they are inseparable.

You cannot intelligently discuss one of these subjects without involving all of them to some degree.

The Information Gap

When I first started exercising in the 1950s, there was very little information on exercise or nutrition available. Thankfully, that is no longer a problem. The problem now is that there is too much information. There is so much really good information out there and, at the same time, so much really bad information, “old wives’ tales,” and just plain crap about health, exercise, fat-loss, and nutrition which stubbornly refuse to go away.

It is very confusing and most people don’t have the experience or the knowledge necessary to separate the good from the bad.

It takes even more experience and knowledge to separate good from better…and better from best. There are several good programs, techniques and systems of Quality Exercise, but they are not all equally suitable to help you to reach your personal exercise goals. This can be really confusing.

This book will provide you with the facts, information and ideas you need to make better exercise choices. Even if you choose not to follow the CTTC Exercise and Nutrition Programs (which I think would be a BIG mistake), the ideas and information in this book can be applied to any exercise, body fat loss, or nutrition program, as well as any program designed to increase health.

Not a Pretty Picture

If you are looking for a book with lots of pretty pictures…this is not it. This book is, however, crammed so full of important, practical, and useful information that you will definitely want to (and need to) read it over and over again. I highly recommend that you also make notes for yourself while you are reading it.

Not a Textbook

Keeping in spirit with the title, I wanted this book to be an easy read, so I do not attempt to educate you about anatomy, kinesiology, physiology of exercise, or any other ology. If you are interested in learning more about these subjects, there are dozens of academic books that will do that much better than this one does.

This is not a medical or a scientific textbook. It is a thoughtful, practical, doable guide for helping you to achieve your personal goals in the areas of fitness, body fat loss, control of body fat, mental and physical health and creating a shapelier and/or more athletic body.

Many other books have also been written with these things in mind. However, most of them address only one or two of these subjects, which still leaves you with missing parts to a puzzle. Cut Thru The Crap (CTTC) combines all these subjects into one super efficient and time-saving 8-12 week program.


The vast amounts of information you will encounter in this book can be applied to virtually any type of exercise you could ever choose to do, because the information is based on Principles of Quality Exercise. After reading this book, you will understand what will work…and what will not work…to achieve your personal exercise goals, and…even more importantly…you will understand why!


Cut Thru The Crap uses a holistic/integrated approach. The length and frequency of the CTTC Workouts, the duration of the three phases (four weeks each), the combination of traditional and Cardio-aerobics, the choices of exercises, the order of the exercises, the changes in exercises, the exercise positions, the number of sets and reps, the length of the rest periods, the grip positions, the exercise tempos…and so on…make CTTC an extremely efficient, complete, well-rounded, Quality Exercise program.

This Quality Exercise Program has been carefully integrated with a Quality Nutrition Program to not only improve your outer beauty, but to also strengthen your inner beauty and increase your health.

Fight Fat

This book places a great deal of emphasis on losing excess body fat and keeping it off…permanently…simply because most people’s main concern is controlling their body fat. 70% of Americans are over-fat and other countries are catching up fast.

I’m not going to show you how to lose ‘weight’. Instead, I’m going to teach you how to lose your excess body fat…if that is your goal.

CTTC is the most logical, practical, time-saving, efficient, effective and healthiest way to lose excess body fat, and keep it off…permanently!

You did not put your excess body fat on in a couple of weeks and you will not take it off in a couple of weeks. Get that thought out of your head right now. It is possible to lose body fat a little more quickly than with the CTTC programs, but only if you are very highly motivated, extremely self-disciplined, and are able to devote much more time to both your exercise and your nutrition than is necessary with the CTTC Exercise and Nutrition Programs.

Unless you could have written this book yourself, you would also need the services of a competent personal trainer.

After all that, you will still need a program such as CTTC in order to keep the body fat off permanently, so you might as well save yourself a lot of time, money and physical torture by giving the CTTC Exercise and Nutrition Programs a fair chance right from the beginning.

The CTTC Exercise and Nutrition Program is an intelligent and effective alternative to today’s inefficient dieting and exercise madness. Try it…you’ll like it!


If your goal is to add solid body-weight and build a more muscular, or more athletic body, this CTTC program can easily be adapted to these goals as well.

You will learn how you can easily make small changes in the CTTC Exercise Program to better suit your personal situation, problems, and goals. This makes CTTC an ideal exercise program for the vast majority of people…both men and women, young and old…who are genuinely serious about creating a stronger, healthier, shapelier body…and improving their overall quality of life as well.

Hear me

I wrote Cut Thru The Crap as if I were personally instructing and talking to you on a one-on-one basis. I do attempt to inject a little humor, some sarcasm, and I even make up some words when I think it will help to make my point…or if it will make you really think about what I am saying.

I don’t want you to just read what I wrote…I want you to hear what I am saying!


Who needs the CTTC program?

  • If you do no exercise at all…you definitely need this program.
  • If aerobics is your only form of exercise…you definitely need this program.
  • If you only exercise with weights…you definitely need this program.
  • If you are not satisfied with the results you are getting from your present exercise program…you definitely need this program.
  • If your present exercise program is taking up too much of your valuable time…you definitely need this program.
  • If you catch the flu (or colds) more than once every several years, or scratches and small cuts become easily infected, or heal too slowly, the CTTC Exercise and Nutrition Programs will definitely help to strengthen your immune system and increase your health.

In other words, if you want to have a stronger, healthier, shapelier body and all the benefits in life that come with it, the CTTC Exercise and Nutrition Programs can help you to reach these goals efficiently and effectively.


The CTTC Programs can be easily adapted to accommodate all ages, different ability levels, different goals, and different levels of motivation.

  • If you are new to exercise, you now have the chance to bypass most of the mistakes the rest of us have had to make over many, many years of trial and error. The CTTC Exercise and Nutrition Programs will save you years of wasted time and effort in your quest to attain your exercise goals and build a strong foundation for future health and happiness.
  • If you have been exercising for eight weeks or longer, and are not satisfied with your results, the CTTC Exercise and Nutrition Programs offer a better solution.
  • If you only do aerobics and/or callisthenic/dance type exercises, the CTTC Exercise and Nutrition Programs will put you on the right track to creating a truly strong, healthy, and shapely body…not just a skinny one.
  • If you are already a successful exerciser, the CTTC Exercise and Nutrition Programs can become welcome additions to your arsenal of other successful programs.
  • If you are just bored doing the same program over and over, the CTTC Exercise and Nutrition Programs can renew your interest, and put enthusiasm back into your exercising.


Give It a Chance

I sincerely hope you will decide to give the CTTC Exercise and Nutrition Programs a fair chance to do their intended jobs and I wish you success in life, great mental and physical health, and lots of enjoyment of your stronger, healthier, shapelier body.


The decision to change something in your life does not take a week, a month, or a year.

 It is made in an instant!


Length of Book: 308 pages

Price: US$ 19.95