Before actually doing, attempting to do, or even thinking about doing ANYTHING recommended, mentioned, or even insinuated in The CTTC Book or any CTTC report…whether of an exercise, body fat loss, nutritional, mental, emotional, or change of lifestyle nature…consult with and get the approval your doctor, mental health professional, priest, rabbi, clergyperson, local PTA, lawyer, city council, spouse, children, in-laws, distant family members, psychic, spirit guides and anyone else who would, could, or might be, in any conceivable way, negatively influenced, or offended by ANYTHING written, not written, misinterpreted or even inferred in this book.

In other words:

If you do not feel well at any time before, during, or after participating in any of the CTTC Workouts, or any individual parts of the CTTC Workouts…stop immediately and contact your doctor as soon as possible!

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