Why Would Anyone In Their Right Mind Want To Lose “Weight”?

I don’t believe in being ‘politically correct’, which is why many people find my advice to be somewhat brutal. However, I can afford to be brutally honest because my book, Cut Thru The Crap of Exercise and Fat-Loss Nutrition, and the reports on this website are NOT how I make my living.

They are here to genuinely help people reach their health, fitness, and fat-loss goals as quickly, efficiently, and effectively as possible…and that requires honesty…honestly talking about the problems, and also talking about the honest solutions to those problem.

Choice of words is very important and can greatly influence how people think, what they believe, and what they do. Words can make us laugh, cry, angry, happy, depressed and so on.

This is why I never talk about losing “weight”. People don’t really want to lose “weight”. They want to lose their “excess body fat”. So you will not hear me talking about being ‘over-weight’, or ‘too heavy’, or ‘large’, or any other politically correct names.

I talk about being over-fat, which is honestly what the problem is.

And why is this so important? Because ‘losing weight’ and ‘losing excess body fat’ are two completely different things.

You can lose ‘weight’ without losing any body fat at all. And you can lose excess body fat without losing any ‘weight’ on your bathroom scale.

That probably sounds really strange to you, but it is comparable to when someone says that you need to take the fats out of your diet. Wrong! What they really mean is that you need to take the ‘unhealthy fats’ out of your diet. In fact, you probably need more healthy fats in your diet…not less!

So you see how the improper choice of words can completely change the true meaning of advice…and thereby…completely miss the honest solutions to problems.


 True success is not measured by being superior to someone else,
but by being superior to your former self.


What are some of the things you will learn from this CTTC report?

  • What is the difference between losing weight and losing excess body fat
  • Why the weight on your bathroom scale is not reliable
  • When obesity honestly begins (your BMI is not the true measurement)
  • Why you are probably fatter now if you weigh the same as you did 20 years ago
  • How much body fat you honestly need in order to be healthy (this will definitely surprise you)
  • A foolproof test to know if you are overfat or not
  • Why all ‘weight loss’ programs and most ‘fat loss’ programs fail
  • Why healthy muscle is so important to any fat loss program
  • The real reasons that low-calorie diets only have a 5% success rate
  • Why genetics is a bad excuse for being overfat
  • The epidemic of young children developing Type II diabetes, and what parents can do about it
  • What the ONLY honest, efficient, effective, and permanent solution to controlling your body fat is
  • Why the age-old advice of “a calorie in, a calorie out…all calories are the same” is totally wrong
  • Why the quality of the food you eat is so important
  • How you can gain body fat by eating fewer calories or lose body fat by eating more calories
  • Which hormones are absolutely essential to losing excess body fat
  • What increases or decreases these hormones in your body
  • Why your basal metabolism is so important to your body composition
  • What increases or decreases your basal metabolism
  • What are ‘sticking points’ in your exercise program and how should you handle them
  • What is the difference between ‘willpower’ and ‘self-discipline’
  • When is the best time to begin your fat-loss program
  • What about diet ‘pills’
  • Which ‘fat loss’ supplements should you use
  • The real ‘secret’ to never becoming overfat…or never becoming overfat again


I will leave you with the following two thoughts.

The only person who can stop you from succeeding is YOU.





Length of Report: 31 pages

Price: US$ 6.50